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Needless to say our recent editions have been critical of the abominable ungodly laws being introduced into the UK. We have also featured a critique of the Pope's false teaching as well as an article encouraging Open Air Preaching. Also we have Dr Ella writing on the Hebrew vowels in which he argues for the antiquity of the vowels and against the modern doubting view that gives an uncertain sound.

In short, it is enough to publish a newspaper without doing a website too! Real paper is much nicer to read than a computer screen so why not get off line for a while and get hold of a copy of English Churchman.

Edition 7773 14th August 2009
1. The treacherous uniting of 'Conservative Evangelicals' with Anglo-Catholics in GAFCON and now FCA (Fellowship of Confessing ANglicans). by Michael de Semlyen
2.Islamist violence in Nigeria against Christians ans police.
3. Crazed Islamists murder Christians in Pakistan
4. North Korea executes Christian woman for distributing Bibles
5.Media hostile to Christian witness at Irish sodomite parade.
6.Government does not bring up children - parents do.
7. Christians must tackle athesits suicide cult
8. Like after GAFCON
9. What the Church of England (Continuing) Stands For.
10. The Influential Nature of Eastern Orthodoxy Endangers Christians.

Edition 7703 December 8th 2006
1. Jewish Refugees then and now.
2. Christian Magistrate Forced to Resign.
3. Iraqi Christians in Great Need.
4. Hugging a Hoodie is Not Enough!
5. Scott Hahn's Apostasy (part two)
6. Jerusalem Pride and Prophecy.
7. Book reviews, your letters, etc ...

Edition 7702 November 24th 2006
1. Exeter CU threaten Student Union.
2.Christian Charity Bans Christmas Gifts.
3. Sri Lankan Christians Cry for Justice.
4. Missionary Family Murdered in Pakistan.
5.Scott Hahn's Route into Apostasy- by Richard Bennett.
6.Wisconsin defeats the Sodomites.
7.Jerry Springer disaster.
8 . much more .....

#7701 November 10th 2006

1. Church helps Corfu Tragedy family.
2. REFORM initiatives.
3.USA Evangelicals disillusioned with Republicans.
4.War and Peace.
5. Case Law and Asbergers Syndrome.
6.Professor enraged with Christian.
7. Firefighters Appeal.
8.Child Support.
9.Broadcasting in Gaza.
10. EU trade controls.
11. London Mega Mosque.
12. Selecting a bishop.
PLUS World News, Canterbury Tales, Editorial, Book Reviews, Lively Letters Page, and regular columns.

Some Headlines:

7700 October 27th 2006
1. Halloween.
2. Christians flee Iraq.
3.Alliance calls on Prince Charles to defend "the faith" not "faith".
4. Conserative Party sign up to immorality.
5. Downgrade of Irish Presbyterianism.
6. The Death Penalty.
Plus much more.

7699 13.10.06
1.Salisbury Conference warns of New Perspective, New Covenant, and New Testament Churches.
2.Feminist admits faith struggle.
3. China Persecutes but Archbishop visits.

7698 29.9.06
1. Typical London Churchgoer no longer White.
2. Truth in Science.
3.TBS move forward
4.The Pope, The Prophet and the Protestant Perspective.

7697 15.9.6
1. We are at War.
2. Young People and Theology.
3. History of Chinese Church Destruction.
4. Protestant Reformation Society conference: Martyrs and Exiles.
5. Stephen Green arrested for quoting the Bible

7696 September 1st 2006
1. Australian pastors threatened with jail.
2. Lebannon: Christians help Muslims but Romanists fight Protestants.
3. Homo-Fascist watch.
4. Eighty-seven year old man takes to open-air witnessing.
5.The true biblical doctrine of the Atonement.
...and much more ...

7695 August 18th 2006
1. Hezbollah hide behind Christians.
2.Special Book Review "Londonistan".
3. Christian Protest against Sussex Police.
4. Croagh Patrick Witness to Irish RC Archbishop and thousands more 'pilgrims'.
5. Keswick reports.
6. How Muslims Think.
7. Faulty views of the Atonement III: RW Dale

7674 August 4th 2006
1. Christianophobia.
2. Europe Targeted by Islam.
3. The Ideal Minister.

7673 July 21st 2006
1.Gay Police Association Accuses Christians of Bloodshed.
2.Another Day of Shame for London.
3.ECUSA to lose its largest ongregation.
4.Special Report on Metropolitan Tabernacle School of Theology.
5. Cliff Richard's heretical 'Christian' beliefs.
6. Standalones in the Christian Ministry.
7. Protestants - Do You Worship Idols?
8. The Atonement -resurgence of some 19th Century's heretical views -Part One of a new series by Dr David Samuel.
7672 July 7th 2006
1.Muslim Violence.
2.Prophet's Hair Venerated.
1.Marginalisation of Christianity in Europe - an opportunity.
2.Crumbling Britain.
3. The Canon and Christ of Scripture - Nails in Mr Brown's Coffin
5.Division or Disloyalty?
6.Church Society Conference Report
7.World Cup Immorality

No. 7690 9June2006
1.New Principal for LTS.
2. Islam sells Christian Children as Slaves.
3. World Cup enslaves 40,000 women for abuse.
4. Gallup finds more Christians in Japan.
5. Christians resist UK Government proposals for more ungodly laws.
6. Evangelism in Brixton, London.
7. Church of Scotland Apostasy.
8.News from Wales.
9. Unfaithful Churches
10. Much More ...

Issue 7689 26May2006

1.Prime Minister Blair on Islam!
2.London Men's Convention
3.Irish Anglicans join with Rome
4.Looking into the Abyss
5.Loving our Neighbours
6.Blessed Little Churches
7. The Ascension and Pentecost
8.New Book on Islam's challenge to the Church
9...and so much more...
Issue 7688
Read one of the simplest critiques of the Da Vinci Code so you can be ready to evangelise those who wonder what it is all about

Issue 7687 28th April ...The unbiblical beliefs of Prince Charles!

14th April 2006
1. Irish Freedom to Preach.
2. Lord's Day Society visit Government.
3. Kenyan Clergy Want Guns.
4. Reciprocal Freedom of Worship.
5. Christian Voice Challenge BNP over anti-Christian evolution.
6. Do We Have Integrity?
7. "Boozy Britain"

31st March 2006
1. Afghan Death Threat to Convert From Islam.
2. Christian Council of Britain.
3.Billy Graham's Last Sermon.
4. Cranmer Remembered.
5. Black Churches.
7.Free Church of Scotland.
8.The Ageing Church Question.
9. Families.
12.The Best is Yet to Come!
13. Ignorance.
14.Foreign Missions.
15. + MUCH MORE!

17th March 2006
1. BBC Should Lose Status Say Civitas.
2. TV Show Ridicules Christians.
3. Prison for Belarus Pastor.
4. Lawyers Warn of Bill to Give Government Sweeping Powers.
5. UPC Exposes Britain "Without Natural Affection".
6. And So Much More .....

3rd March 2006
1. Terrorists Bomb Gaza Bible Society.
2. Christian Institute Fighting On for Liberty
3. Sunday Trading Back Under Pressure
4. New Free Church of Scotland Continuing Moderator
5. Tory Leader Visits OPEN DOORS and Upholds Persecuted Church
6. Welsh Evangelicals Speak Out on Homosexuality
7.Progress in Nigeria for Reformed Churches Despite Muslim Agression
8. Much more World News
9. Doctrine of Man(Part 2) by Rev David Blunt
10. The Usual Vibrant Columns!

17 February2006
1.Islam Crisis Edition with several articles on the subject.
2.End of Venezuela Mission?
3.Heart of the Matter Attacked.
4. 20 Years of Albanian Mission.
5. Lord Carey "ashamed to be an Anglican".
6. N.Korea church for foreigners delayed.
7. The Doctrine of Man (Part One) by Rev David Blunt.

8. Regular lively columns too!

February 3 2006 EditionĀ 7681

1.Editorial: "Respect".

2. Military Service.

3. Richard Bennett's critique of the Emergent Church Movement and its Romish propaganda.

4. Government Press Permissive Strategy.

5. Christian Union Attacked at University.

6. Controversy in USA of Homosexual Activist acting part of Christian Missionary.

7. Muslim Agenda to Islamise Parts or Whole of UK.

8. Christian Witness Continues to Hound the Blasphemous Springer Opera in Plymouth at start of UK tour.

9. Latest on MAF expulsion from Venezuela.

10. Regular "Canterbury Tales" column on the C of E.

11. Germany loses Christian leader.

12. Evangelical Library on-line.

And ... Much much More ....

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